About Us


Vision Statement:


TESCO is a leading power distribution company to provide uninterrupted electric supply and  quality of services to its  all customers at the minimum possible cost.


Mission Statement:


    An organizational environment that fosters professionalism, motivation and quality of service.
•    An environment that is cost effective and quality conscious
•    Services that are based on the most optimum technology and processes
•    Quality and time conscious customer service




•    To ensure un-interrupted & stable power supply to all  customers
•    To facilitate agriculture and industrial sector in the region.
•    State-of the art customer care for entire satisfaction of customers
•    To provide electricity to every village in jurisdiction of company  
•    To establish, construct and operate reliable electricity distribution network




Employee Corner

Office Address

Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company, 
TESCO Headquarter, WAPDA house Peshawar,Pakistan Tel #:+92- 91- 9212964-9212950



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