Frequently Asked Questions




Q 1. How a customer can check accuracy of his meter?

A) Plug in a 1000 watt heater and run it for one hour. Disconnect all other loads prior to plugging in the
heater. If it consumes one unit in one hour, your meter is accurate.


Q 2. Why despite 08 hours load shedding, the bills are not reduced?


A) (i) It is an issue of suppressed demand. The jobs you have been doing when power supply was available in 24 hours, the same works now you do when electricity is available in 16 hours. For example you used:
Washing machine !
Electric iron !

Water pump } For one hour when electricity was available in 24 hours
Television !
Computer !

But now the same gadgets, you use again for one hour. The usage of these appliances has not reduced.
(ii) The Air-conditioners are kept running to maintain a certain degree of temperature but when switched off due to load shedding, it takes longer time to reach the same temperature again and more electricity is consumed.
(iii) Some of the consumers are using UPS during non availability of electricity. For charging of UPS, it consumes 5 units and it produces one unit. UPS available in the market are 30% efficient which are source of increase of the bills.


Q 3. How billing is made when meter of a consumer becomes defective?



A) When a meter is declared defective in the record, it is charged average consumption of the last eleven preceding months or consumption of the corresponding month of the previous year, which ever is higher.


Q 4. How defective meters are replaced by the Distribution Companies, what is their policy?


A) If a meter is not tempered and becomes defective due to technical fault or rain, the meter is replaced without recovering the cost. If it is tempered, then it is replaced after recovering the cost and charging detection bill, where applicable.


5. How the bill can be corrected as per actual meter reading?


A) You have to visit concerned Sub Divisional Office with written request and for issuance of correct bill as per actual meter reading. The Meter Inspector will visit your site, take actual reading on the meter and report to Asstt: Manager who will send it to Customer Service Office who will issue a corrected bill which can be collected from the Customer Service Centre in the Sub Divisional office.


Q 6. What is the procedure of getting domestic connection?


A) Following documents are required for getting new connection.

  1. Application Form.
  2. Abridged Conditions of Supply.
  3. Attested copy of National Identity Card of Applicant
  4. Attested copy of National Identity Card of witness
  5. Attested copy of Property Ownership proof
  6. NOC from owner in case of Tenant.

A demand notice of capital cost and security will be issued within 7 days which will be payable within 30 days of its issue. The meter will be issued within 17 days of payment of demand notice and installed.
If the connection is delayed beyond this period the applicant may approach Dy. Manager, Manager (Operation) concerned who will immediately take action and resolve the problem. Connections are not allowed in Housing Schemes /Village which are not properly electrified according to the laid down procedure .


Q 7. How and why detection bills are charged?


Detection bills are charged on account of dishonest abstraction of electricity. These are prepared according to the sanctioned / installed load for a period genuinely determine by the competent authority which is in consonance with provisions of Electricity Act 1910.


Q 8. WAPDA/PEPCO employees are allowed free electricity?



A) Wapda/PEPCO employees are not allowed free electricity. The formation of Wapda employees where they are employed, that formation is responsible for payment of the electricity charges of the employee according to the prescribed limits. It is significant that all Wapda employees pay electricity charges if the units consumed exceed the prescribed limit available to them according to his scale.


Q 9. Why load shedding is carried out?


A) Load shedding is basically gap between the generation and demand . In the last 8 years no new Power House was installed in the country but the demand kept rising. To meet with the short fall, load management has to be undertaken.


Q 10. Why load shedding schedule are not announced in the Media?


A) Supply and demand keeps varying quickly and so is the Load shedding schedule. Similarly the quantum of load shedding also keeps varying. So in view of frequency of changing of Load shedding schedules, the same are pasted on the website of DISCOs.


Q 11. Why the Kalabagh Dam is not being constructed?


A) A consensus has not been developed amongst the Provinces for construction of a Dam that’s why the project has been abandoned.


Q 12. Why the load shedding duration is more than 12 hours in many areas.?


A) Maximum load shedding carried out in the current season is 08 hours and 12 hours in intervals in cities and rural areas respectively. If it exceeds this duration, either it is due to constraints on the local system of DISCO / NTDC or some other local fault has occurred on the system. This situation should be reported to Asstt: Manager / Dy. Manager (Operation) whose office and cell numbers are printed on the electricity bills. They will take immediate steps to restore supply.


Q 13. Why unannounced load shedding is carried out which is a source of extreme trouble for the consumer?


A) Every effort is made to stick to schedule of load shedding. However when the system suffer a setback because of outages of some machines in the power house are some sabotage activity takes away some circuits from the National grid, National power control centre is left with no choice but to resort to unannounced load shedding to save the system from collapse. Sometimes local constraints of Distribution companies/system are taken as un-announced load shedding from National Power Control Centre which is not actually due to generation shortfall but due to local constraints of the system.


Q 14. If electricity bill is not received. What the consumer should do?


A) The consumer should immediately check the Company’s Website from where duplicate bill can be down loaded. Duplicate bills can be obtained from the nearest Customer Service Centre / from the concerned Revenue Office.


Q 15. In case of failure of supply, how it can be restored?


A) Asstt: Manager (Operation) can be contacted for restoration of power supply whose telephone number is printed on the electricity bill.

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